Our Server

How to enter our new www.UnderFeet.Store server?

Very easy: You just have to download and install the TOR browser from its official page (It is important that you ONLY download TOR from the official home page)

Once the TOR browser is installed and run, just copy this url:

and paste it into the TOR browser ... and voila! You can now ANONYMOUSLY browse our video server.

Something that some users asked me: Is it legal to surf the DeepWeb?

The answer is NO. Maybe in some countries like China or North Korea, it is illegal, but it is also illegal to enter Facebook in these countries.

The name TOR is an acronym for 'The Onion Router', and is possibly the main and best-known Darknet on the Internet. The objective of this project is to create a distributed communications network superimposed on the conventional Internet. The Dark Webs that you can find on the TOR Darknet differ by having the .onion domain

On its own, DeepWeb or Dark Net is not illegal. What happens is that being so anonymous and almost impossible to track all the traffic that circulates through it, it makes many people use this network to do illegal things.
However, there are many sites that offer completely harmless and completely legal content. TOR can be legal or illegal, depending on how it is used.

Our website is NOT ILLEGAL! We offer perfectly legal video download links. You will NOT find "hard crush" content on our server, you will only find conventional and legal crush fetish content.


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