sábado, 15 de agosto de 2020

Important notice: The health of our friend Gus and modification in the contest

 Dear users: First of all, I want to wish our friend and collaborator, Gustavo Coria, a speedy recovery. Gus tested positive for Covid-19, and although the symptoms he presented were very mild, he and his family, who also tested positive, should have been isolated as a precaution, but all are well and with very mild symptoms. Many of you asked me why Gus no longer responds to emails and it is because in addition to Covid, several weeks ago Gus also presented a peak of stress and took advantage of this opportunity to spend isolation in the field of his family, away from civilization and obviously without internet connection. We all hope the return with all the energy.

Ok, the Underfeet team has decided to make another change to the contest: As you may have noticed, the contest did not end on Sunday, but was still active. That is because we decided that the contest will end when one of the users reaches 100 points, so we can give as a reward the cf-zone account and also the cecompensas to positions 2 and 3 even if these last 2 do not reach 100 points. We think this is a better way to end the contest. Therefore, the contest will remain active until some user reaches 100 points.



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