martes, 14 de julio de 2020

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Dear users: As you may have noticed, UnderFeet.Store was suspended by the hosting service where we were hosted.
They allege that although the material we publish does not violate any international law, the content is unpopular with many people and because of this, they do not want to be involved in crush fetish in order not to lose customers.

Seguro que habrás notado la gran disminución de materiales de YouTube y PornHub, incluso tengo, y esto se debe a que esta nueva generación de niños pequeños que se sienten ofendidos por todo, se sienten atacados por este tipo de material.

Apparently, our new generation has spawned a new generation of emotional weaklings who feel that everything is making them feel bad. It is a matter of time before all fetish and bdsm material disappears from the normal web (yes, they even say that bdsm incites violence)

The only solution at the moment is to go to a place where we cannot be touched. We already had a server in the deepweb, but unfortunately it broke and we couldn't repair it. However now we can restart the project. Gustavo did not want to help us with our DeepWeb server because it was a hard crush server. As everyone knows, Gustavo Coria is against hard crush. He says that hard crush is to blame for soft crush being so haunted. People don't distinguish between Soft and Hard, and when people hear "Crush Fetish," the first thing that comes to mind is Chinese women stepping on cats.

However, we have just reached an agreement with Gustavo: he will help us to restart the deepweb server, but the condition is that hard crush content is not allowed, that is, that the DW works exactly as the version of the normal web. So for the sake of all of you, we accept the offer.

In 1 or 2 more days, the old Heels From Heel server will be replaced by UnderFeer.Store as it was before the suspension. All accounts with all the points that have been earned or purchased until the day of the suspension, are safe, the database is not restarted, underfeet will continue normally and all the points are kept.

What about the points of the old server Heels Fron Heel? Well, users who had points on that server will be able to request that the points earned and purchased be transferred to the new UnderFeet server.

We hope this is a temporary solution until we find a normal web hosting that allows us to host.

The url of the deep web is the same:

To be able to use this URL they only have to download and install the TOR browser from their OFFICIAL page. Please do not download TOR from any website other than its official website!

Stay tuned in the following days, there will be many news and more contest prizes, you can win referral prizes, the Most Wanted will return with best rewards, discord channels, personal exchanges and many more news ... we will not be censored! If Gustavo taught us anything, it is to never laugh.

You can make your comments in this same post. This Blog will be our connection to the nomal website. We will notify right here when UnderFeet is back in the fight

If you are in doubt, you can write to our email:

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