sábado, 25 de julio de 2020

UnderFeet.Store v2.0 Soon...

Dear users, I am pleased to announce that during our last zoom meeting with our UnderFeet administrators and moderators, we have decided to work on developing version 2.0 of UnderFeet. Version 2.0 will bring several improvements and fixes compared to the current version (v 1.3.xxx)
Here is the list of new features and improvements:

- Post comments in the posts. That's right, you can leave comments and comment on the quality of the video, the performance of the model, if the preview is misleading, etc.

- Earn points for referral. As you know, we are not allowing new members, so to get new members, we started the REFERRAL program. Each of the members will have a referral link with which they can invite members they trust, and the referral can register. Once the referral is registered, the referral must make at least one publication to activate their account. Once the referred account is activated, they can earn points like normal members. When the referral has earned 100 points or more, The user who recommended it, may request that the number of points accumulated by his referral be given (Clarification: The referrer will not lose his points, you will simply receive the same number of points that your referred). That yes, the user who recommended it will be responsible for the behavior of your referral. If your referral publishes fake videos, or if you try to publish hard crush videos or any other infraction, you will lose the option to claim your points, that is why you should only recommend to trusted people. We will give more details shortly.

- We will fix the post counter. As you know, we all have 0 posts even though we have published many videos. This will be fixed and currently active posts will be counted, not the total number of posts posted since they were registered. With this, the ranges will also return: Newbie, Full Member and Uploader. Each will have access to higher levels within the site. The Uploader member will get immediate access to our exclusive DISCORD. Details later.

- We will integrate our own FORUM within the website, we will no longer use third-party forums such as SMF. They will not have to register again, they will be able to create topics and comments with their Underfeet accounts.

- We will add a TRADE and BUY section. If you do not want to publish videos, you can contact authorized members to make private video exchanges and / or agree to buy videos in collaboration. Example: if you want to buy a video that costs 10 dollars and 3 more people want the same video, they will only have to pay $ 2.5 each and all 4 will receive the video. We will give more details shortly.

- We will add an ON DEMAND video store. As you know, sometimes the video links are broken after a few days and you must wait for the user to reupload, and many times that video does not upload again. Our team will publish a huge list of videos that will be available with unique links for each member who requests it. In this way, the videos published in the store will ALWAYS be available. It should be noted that these videos will be "bought" only with GOLD points that will once again be used in Underfeet and can be purchased or earned, but with several improvements compared to the previous version.

- We will also add the option to upload TORRENTS files to share videos. We have our own P2P server and tracker to make sure that the videos will always be available.

- We will fully integrate BITCOIN to each account. Each member will have a Bitcoin wallet integrated into their accounts as well as options and tasks to earn Bitcoin. With those bitcoin (Won or bought) they will be able to buy points, GOLD, Torrents, videos ON DEMAND and videos from specific stores.

- We have also partnered with a group of trusted people (In fact they are producers and ex-producers of xxxfetish-media) To put online a BLACK MARKET of crush fetish videos, and they will have a much lower price than in their official stores . This Black Marcket is not owned by any of the UnderFeet members, but we will be mutual collaborators.

- We will create a technical support Ticket system. As many of you may have noticed, when they have a technical problem, they write to me by email and sometimes it takes me a while to respond. This is because it is I alone who has to attend to these claims. With this Ticket system, any of the 2 Administrators or the 11 administrators that the website has can respond to your ticket and resolve the problem more quickly.

- Up to here are the improvements that we are implementing on our website. They will not all be implemented at the same time, but we will be implementing them throughout this year, and if there is no other catastrophe that has prepared for us in 2020, before the end of the year, the final version of UnderFeet 2.0 will be ready and working

As everyone can see, the more they persecute us, the more we want to do new and better things. If you have questions, or suggestions to implement on our site, just write to our email and we will evaluate it with our management committee


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